The truth about speaking in English “It may seem a bit unfair but it’s the truth - it has been proven that people who can talk well in English have a chance of earning 34% more than people with average communication skills who earn up to 13% higher than those who don’t speak in English at all. Why so? One may argue – the answer is simple – Speaking in English is not a luxury these days but has become a necessity and is perhaps, a skill that is more important than any other. In an increasingly competitive environment, the most common challenge people face is the inability to speak in English fluently either in a discussion or an interview. The same people may be filled with better ideas and attitude if not less than any other person who can speak fluently in English. Quite often we find ourselves being more deserving and worthy of a certain opportunity but don’t have the proper English speaking skills to express ourselves. Speaking in English – the need of the hour It is known that English is the language of all businesses, government and education. The entire university education in India is in English. English language skills are a must to get an entry into corporate India. Most of the job postings these days specify the need for excellent English speaking and writing skills as an important requirement. It is also a known fact that the number of people available to fill a position is far greater than the opportunity itself. Even if a job needs a person to be technically skilled in the beginning, rising up the ladder, leading a team, communicating clearly with senior management and important clients is not going to come easy without English communication skills. In such situation, hiring managers are faced with the dilemma of who eventually to select. Needless to say, the choice is easy, even at the point of ignoring a few other requirements; the people who are able to make a positive impression are those with good English speaking skills. Getting an English speaking environment The entire service industry which includes BPOs, hotels, restaurants, retail requires good English speaking skills. Interaction in all these places happens with real people so hesitation to speak in English happens mostly in situations where one hasn’t been provided with an environment to do any English conversation. If you’ve not had an English speaking environment, chances that you will get one are very rare unless you make an effort to practice English in an environment where learning is fast and fun. The highly interactive class environment and the activities encourage the students to use the newly learned language with accuracy and confidence. As the language taught is functional every day at the class is a day of new learning and more practice. The inputs given by the instructors will not only improve your English speaking skills but will go a long way in developing other aspects of speaking the language.”

Sherin D'Souza, 24 July, 2017 (11:53 AM)

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